My work is marked by the playful manner in which body and form are treated. At the same time I also work in different thematic areas such as dance, movement, the art of folding such as origami and its application to metal, as well as nature and the environment.

In my work I place emphasis on sculptural jewellery that can also serve as mementos or objects conducive to self-identification. By virtue of its portability and innate movement, jewellery permits shifts in perspective.

Depending on the material and technique I apply and their contribution to the basic concept and design, I draw on the following: silver, gold, platinum, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, horn, acrylics, resin, rubber, enamel, lacquer and stones ranging from pebbles to precious stones.

The various techniques that I apply include forging, sawing, drilling, milling, filing, sanding, polishing, soldering, welding, beating, chasing, moulding and casting. Ideas and design determine the materials I ultimately use and the techniques I apply.

You will find a historical review of my work (starting with 1981 until now) here.